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How do I programmatically get the field type from a statement inside a method like this :

Foo foo = getSomeFoo();

If it is field, I can know the type of the element.

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Are you asking how to find out the class of the object returned by getSomeFoo()? Is foo.getClass() what you need? I don't think I understand the question. – Jim Tough Oct 15 '10 at 0:13
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You need to use Eclipse's AST

ICompilationUnit icu = ...

ASTParser parser = ASTParser.newParser(AST.JLS3);
CompilationUnit cu = (CompilationUnit) parser.createAST(null);
cu.accept(new ASTVisitor() {
    public boolean visit(VariableDeclarationStatement node) {
        System.out.println("node=" + node);
        System.out.println("node.getType()=" + node.getType());
        return true;
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You can get the class of the foo object by calling foo.getClass().

If you have a class (or object) and want to programmatically get the return type for a particular method on that class, try this:

  • Get the Class object for the class/object
  • Call the getMethod() method and get a Method object back
  • Call the getReturnType() method on the Method object
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If you need more details on this, search Google for "Java Reflection" – Jim Tough Oct 15 '10 at 0:30
i think he means from eclipse plugin – IAdapter Oct 15 '10 at 10:52

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