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When learning (or relearning) a language, a significant amount of time goes into learning the functions for doing basic operations. For example, suppose I want to reverse a String. In one language, it may be simple as myString.reverse(). In Python, it is myString[::-1]. In other languages, you may have to create an array, iterate through the string and add all the characters in reverse order and then convert it back to a string. What would be extremely useful would be a reference so that if you know the name of the function in one language, then I could find the equivalent in another. Googling or searching StackOverflow don't seem to solve this problem very well at the moment, as you have to usually try a large number of different queries. I guess I am thinking of some kind of Wiki system. Are there any websites that do this?

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It sounds like you're looking for Rosetta Code. There is in fact a page on reversing a string.

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Now if only it had voting, reputation and badges –  Casebash Oct 17 '10 at 23:58

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