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Scala and Aspects can be used together? Are there benefits in this case?


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Scala is just like java, if you mean for example spring-like AOP I'm sure that annotations work either in scala or in java.

On the other hand, the fact that Scala has closures (and java doesn't) makes AOP less interesting.

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Absolutely spot on. AOP is designed to hide cross-cutting concerns. This is far more practicable in Scala with higher-order functions and implicit conversions. –  Synesso Oct 15 '10 at 2:34

In fact the Scala IDE for Eclipse uses Aspects (because the JDT assumes Java):

From Scala Support in Eclipse - Monkey-patching the JDT for fun and profit?, p16 by Miles Sabin

AspectJ and Equinox Aspects

  • A collection of aspects is effectively a patch
  • AspectJ was used to retrofit the desired extensibility features to the JDT and expose them via public API
  • The key modification:
    • The JDT's CompilationUnit is the entry point to it's internal model, but it assumes Java source
    • An aspect can turn its constructor into a factory method

So the answer is Yes, it is possible. I have to agree with Pablo that it's less attractive than in Java.

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