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Here is my problem:

I have a grid that displays a list of records along with the date of the record. With that in mind I created a filter form that will allow the user to filter the data based on the dates. The problem here is how can I filter the dates. Here is what I have so far:

MyGrid is populated from my datastore:

recordsStore:  new{

url: "xhreq?action=getRecords",
clearOnClose: true,
urlPreventCache: true });

Inside my tablelayout I am using the dateTextBox For the user to add a date to filter on:

{ name : "Date", field : "Date", width : "10em",
type : dojox.grid.cells.DateTextBox, formatter : formatDateObject, constraint : { datePattern : 'MM/dd/yyyy', formatLength : 'short', selector : 'date'}, editable: true },

this is how I started working on filtering on my dates: filter data from grid:

doFilter: function() {;

inDate = "*";

if(filter_inDateFrom.attr("value") != "" || filter_inDateThrough.attr("value") != ""){ { totalDays = inDateThru - inDateFrom; store totalDays date = date + totalDays; // filter based on total days }

Now is there a way to return the dates within a range? if not what is the best way to handle the dates?


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