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I have five map reduce that I am running each separately. I want to pipeline them all together. So, output of one job goes to next job. Currently, I wrote shell script to execute them all. Is there a way to write this in java? Please provide an example.


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You may find JobControl to be the simplest method for chaining these jobs together. For more complex workflows, I'd recommend checking out Oozie.

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Hi I had similar requirement One way to do this is

after submitting first job execute following

Job job1 = new Job( getConf() );
job.waitForCompletion( true );

and then check for status using

    //start another job with different Mapper.
    //change config
    Job job2 = new Job( getConf() );
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Oozie is the solution for you. You can submit map-reduce types of jobs, hive jobs, pig jobs, system commands etc through Oozie's action tags.

It even has a co-ordinator which acts as a cron for your workflow.

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Another possibility is Cascading, which also provides an abstraction layer on top of Hadoop: itseems to provide a similar combination of working-closely-with-Hadoop-concepts yet letting-hadoop-do-the-M/R-heavy lifting that one gets using Oozie workflows calling Pig scripts.

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