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I have a given scenario, the user (my client) wants to give discount for the coming thanks giving season. (or) if you purchase more than $X amount he is eligible for free shipping.

  1. In order to implement the above scenario, what are the changes to mysql database structure that we need to do ?
  2. How to implement it in a query ?
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There's no way we could tell you how to change it when you don't give a single clue about how your code or database is structured currently. –  Brad Mace Oct 15 '10 at 6:49

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You haven't exactly given us much information to go on (like schema, for instance), but it sounds as though you have a minimum of

  • new column(s) to hold discount information, probably in its own table, referenced to your price table via a foreign key
  • some sort of logic (perhaps using triggers) that can track the aggregate order amount and set a flag accordingly

To implement these you will need ALTER TABLE etc. commands to effect your DDL. These can be scripted, or if you require flow-of-control logic (i.e. only adding columns if they do not already exist), you will have to pack that into a procedure (in MySQL you can only use -if...else constructs if executing from within a procedure).

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Such a scenario doesn't fit within a database neatly. You can certainly store such policies in a database, but actually applying them to the relevant queries is a serious pain. It's best left to client-side logic. Not only do you have to modify every single query that deals with the shopping cart, you also have to make them time/date aware. What happens when the sale ends? A naive system would just set the discount to 0%, but then suddenly all previous sales lose their free shipping discount.

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