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I am looking for a way to be able to control my Canon or Nikon camera from delphi, Basically I need to find a way to receive the new image while the camera is connected with USB on the fly, i.e. detect when a new picture was taken, so I can take action in my application for example cropping the image, adjusting brightness etc etc

I look at Canon's homepage and seems they do not offer SDK for europe.

please advice, anyone ?

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To control a device like a camera you have two options

1) use an SDK which is supplied by the manufacturer of the device.

2) use the Windows Image Acquisition (WIA), from the delphi IDE you can use the Component->Import Component->Import Type Library option to create a wrapper to work with this library.

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I have good experience with CamRemote and integrated it in several applications

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Look also for (Delphi) TCamRemote for Canon camera. It comes with sources and many demos.

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