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I am writing a zend application and trying to keep the functionality as modular as possible. Basically I want to drop the folder into the application and have instant functionality.

Anywho; I'm trying to create sidebar links from each module. The method I'm using is to use the bootstrap:

Here is the function in my bootstrap file. I've set the routes in another function.

 public function _initNavigation()
  $navigation = new Zend_Navigation();
          'label' => 'Link Name',
          'route' => 'routeA',
          'class' => 'heading'
          'label' => 'Link Name',
          'route' => 'routeA',
          'params'=>array('param' => 'value'),
          'label' => 'Link Name',
          'params'=>array('param' => 'value'),
          'route' => 'routeA'

  $this->bootstrap('layout'); //this line giving error :(
  $layout = $this->getResource('layout');
  $view = $layout->getView();

The error I was getting was:

Resource matching "layout" not found

After some head banging I found that I had to put the module name in front of the resourse in the config/application.ini file, eg:

moduleA.resources.layout.layoutPath = APPLICATION_PATH "/modules/moduleA/views/scripts"

Now here's the question: how do I get the layout resource using a single resource? i.e. without specifying the module name for each new module I use?

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You should create an answer and mark it as the correct answer rather than editing the question itself. – Nithesh Chandra Oct 15 '10 at 10:52
OK. Replied with answer. Will mark it as the answer in two days time. – Richard Parnaby-King Oct 15 '10 at 12:00
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Made answer new post

After a LOT of googling (when did THAT become a replacement for 'searching'?) I came across Leonard Dronkers' "Zend Framework Module Config The Easy Way".

Basically, add this to your module's bootstrap file

 * Load config.ini file for this module.
protected function _initModuleConfig()
    // load ini file
    $iniOptions = new Zend_Config_Ini(dirname(__FILE__) . '/configs/config.ini');

    // Set this bootstrap options

And place a config.ini file in a config folder in your module (eg /modules/news/config/config.ini) and place your module specific settings there.

That's it. Fantastic!

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