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I want to access notes and calendar using native iphone app. I want to know is it possible in new iphone os? Is there any public pi for that?

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I find it fascinating that if you Google "ios calendar access" it takes you to Stack Overflow in stead of Apple's documentation. –  Sjors Provoost Jan 19 '12 at 6:29

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There is the Event Kit API which is documented in The Event Kit Programming Guide.

As far as I know you cannot access Notes.

The Event Kit and Event Kit UI frameworks together allow iOS applications to access event information from a user’s Calendar database. You can fetch events based on a date range or a unique identifier, receive notifications when event records change, and allow users to create and edit events for any of their calendars. Changes made to events in a user’s Calendar database with Event Kit are automatically synced with the appropriate calendar (CalDAV, Exchange, and so on). This document describes Event Kit concepts and common programming tasks.

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Notes are now synchronized to the main IMAP server mail account. So if you can access that somehow then you could access the notes, potentially. However I think you'd probably have to link in your own IMAP client code, and ask the user for their login credentials.

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