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I have native C++ DLL code to call from C++/CLI functions. It's not working properly. I am copying those areas of code here which causing problems.

Note: I made native C++ stub and called that native dll's functions and it worked fine as per context.

Native C++ DLL:

void ExecutorFactory::GetTESService(string a_strFileToProcess,ISubjectExecutor**            a_pSubjectExecutor)
SubjectTypes oSubjectType;

ICOMExecutor *pCOMExecutor = NULL;
IWin32Executor *pWin32executor = NULL;
ISubjectExecutor *pSubjectExecutor = NULL;

if(oSubjectType == SubjectTypes::COM)
    pCOMExecutor =  COMExecutor::getInstance();
    if(pCOMExecutor!=NULL && pCOMExecutor)
        pSubjectExecutor = (ISubjectExecutor*)pCOMExecutor;

    }//end of else
else if(oSubjectType == SubjectTypes::WIN_32)
    pWin32executor =  Win32Executor::getInstance();
    if(pWin32executor!=NULL && pWin32executor)
        pSubjectExecutor = (ISubjectExecutor*)pWin32executor;
    }//end of else
*a_pSubjectExecutor = pSubjectExecutor;

  EXECUTORFACTORY_EXPORTS_API ExecutorFactory* ExecutorFactory::getInstance()
 static ExecutorFactory oExecutorFactory;
 return &oExecutorFactory;

I called its function from native C++ stub which was its client.It worked fine for every call like

    ExecutorFactory *pExecutorFactory = ExecutorFactory::getInstance();

here pExecutorFactory pointer was fine and After calling GetTESService "pSubjectExecutor" was pointing to some object created inside GetTESService.

But when I called the same piece of code(statted above) getInstance and GetTESService() from some MANAGED C++/CLI code it has some unpredictable behaviors.

getInstance worked fine here. it returned valid pointer, but GetTESService() which is taking address of SubjectExecutor pointer(pSubjectExecutor) , it returned it with "undefined value"..

Managed C++/CLI assembly linked properly native C++ DLL. but when it loaded its symbols i watched in Modules window : "The module did not load at default loaded address" and it marked with red sign. More over I am unable to debug as break point not hit inside native C++ code of above DLL when calling from managed code.

Regards Usman

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Have you turned on unmanaged debugging? – Lou Franco Oct 15 '10 at 12:58
How can we turned on unmanaged debugging in C++/CLI . I think this is allowed in mixed mode. Actually it always go inside disassembly view of the code. and not allowing me to go inside native functions as we can go when debugging from native code to native code. – Usman Oct 15 '10 at 13:00

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