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When developing an Eclipse plug-in, is there a way to hook into the workspace (not workbench) startup- or initialization process? I'd like my plug-in to be notified when all the projects belonging to the workspace are known. The project-lifecycle and resource listeners only provide callbacks for modification, creation or deletion of projects. What I need is a kind of an inverse WorkspaceSaveParticipant-mechanism.

Note that this is within the context of IDE-plugins, not RCP-applications, so some of the solutions that might apply to an RCP-application are out of scope for me (I don't know whether plain RCP-apps have projects at all).


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Look at org.eclipse.ui.startup extension point.

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Is this still - say in 3.6 - the recommended way? Also, I'd need a hook that runs as late as possible after UI and everything is up, as a low priority job (to avoid delaying more important/core initialisation). Thanks. –  inger Jan 4 '12 at 16:58

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