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Possible Duplicate:
How does Facebook Sharer select Images?

We are using Facebook's sharer.php service to share pages on our site. Right now this works great, but we are now having difficult trying to find out how to offer users more than one thumbnail to pick from (the sharer.php page offers a UI for multiple images, so it must be possible somehow).

We have this meta tag currently:

<meta property="og:image" content="" />

We couldn't find anything suggesting how to do this. Does anybody have any ideas?

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It's very possible. See: – Biagio Arobba Mar 3 '14 at 18:42

I've been using multiple images for a while now. Using multiple og:image tags as stated above.

Any pages that have already been shared (with one image) can be updated by loading the link in the linter here: the linter will not show a preview of all the images, it just shows the last one (i believe below it does mention what images it has pulled though) however it does work.

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These days the new debug tool shows all included images. – Gabriel R. Nov 18 '13 at 15:51

I came here with the same problem. After some digging, I found that you can have multiple og:image tags.

From Facebook Developers, under og:image:

We support PNG, JPEG and GIF formats. You may include multiple og:image tags to associate multiple images with your page.

Keep in mind it may take some time for Facebook to recognize that you have added new images to the meta as the spider does cache. Links you have already shared using the like button or copied into your status are affected by this.

EDIT: If you're having problems with Facebook showing the same images even though you've changed your OG tags, it's probably because Facebook has cached it. If this is the case, go check out your tags using Facebook's OG Debugger here.

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I found a solution to this by adding the images to the body and not in the meta information, then just hiding them, like this;

<body> ...

<img src="http://image1" width="41" height="41" border="0" alt="text describing the image" style="visibility:hidden" /><br/>

<img src="http://image2" width="41" height="41" border="0" alt="text describing the image" style="visibility:hidden" /><br/>

etc ... </body>

It just came to me from reading that if no og:image property is given then thumbnails are taken from the body, and it worked even if hidden. You could probably remove the width, heigh etc to tidy it up, but I thought why both waste time with that when it gets hidden anyway, I just cut and paste and made it hidden.

Hope this helps.

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The og:image meta tag you are using is called by Facebook's servers after the user clicks your share button. So if you are trying to change this and have the person click the share button, this won't work. If you want to support multiple og:images on your page you could use different query parameters for each image.

For example: would render the metatag like

<meta property="og:image" content="" />

Then you could also have for example:
that would render the metatag like

<meta property="og:image" content="" />

Another way you could do this is would just be to ask the user for stream_publish permission and use the Graph API to send the post directly to facebook yourself. You can find out more about this approach here:

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