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I'm trying to use the pretrained parsing model engmalt. I downloaded it, I unpacked it in the directory where I downloaded the MaltParser, and I wrote in the prompt

java -Xmx1024m -jar malt.jar -c engmalt.poly -i infile.conll -o outfile.conll -m parse

as suggested in MalParser site. The problem is that it gives me this error:

the file entry "engmaltpoly_single.info" in the mco file "../malt-1.4.1/engmaltpoly.mco" cannot be found.

Can someone help me? I'm working with Windows7 and jre6. How can I pack the folder downloaded from the site(engmalt.poly) in a file .mco?

Thanks a lot!!!

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I think you are not suppose to add any extension to model file name. So give a try as:

"java -Xmx1024m -jar malt.jar -c engmalt -i infile.conll -o outfile.conll -m parse"

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