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I'm looking for a database query/reporting solution whereby the user can select (via a web-page) database tables (or lists of data), data fields on the tables/list and values or value ranges. The solution generates the query (i.e. CAML/SQL statements), executes the query and provides the resulting data in a report, on the screen, and can be downloaded as well.

Option 1 - SharePoint - if the data is stored in SharePoint, then ideally is a SharePoint web-part/feature to query data in SharePoint Lists

Option 2 - Web-forrms + MS SQL - this is one-or-more web-control's that provide the ad-hoc features.

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Have you looked at SQL Server Reporting Services for SharePoint?

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Yes, I have implemented the reporting services viewer for displaying some custom reports. However I'm not sure if it can provide (easy to use) end-user query tool, similar to this: ajax.easyquerydemo.com/Default.aspx Are you aware if there is such a thing? (thanks in advance) –  Rob Oct 18 '10 at 17:04
Alas, I am not. Sorry... –  Cornelius J. van Dyk Oct 27 '10 at 10:11

Here is a link to a demo of a web based ad-hoc reporting tool.

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