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I have a existing web site which is developed in Asp.Net / AJAX 3.5, C#, Now I need to make this site available in Mobile version. and I came across an open source tool


But I am not sure How do I integrate. this in my existing application.

Also my site is running in godaddy shared hosting server.

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Why bother? Most newer mobile devices handle full-featured sites just fine. And anything that doesn't exist will be, if anything, more capable. Unless you've got a specific use case for older phones on the site or a very big mobile footprint, its really not worth the trouble.

To answer your follow-on questions:

A) Image sizes are real tricky -- you can tell them to scale, but mobile is very bandwidth and processing power starved so you really need to make a separate size of image on the server for mobiles. Now this gets fun as there are a million or so screen sizes people use.

B) If you did Ajax right, that shouldn't matter -- graceful degradation is key.

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The issues which I have got is Image size, AJAX etc...Is there any way to work around ? –  Deepu Oct 15 '10 at 17:56

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