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I have a relationship as follows.

  1. Game -> hasMany Highscores
  2. Highscore -> belongsTo Games, Users

When I run the MVC files standalone (within their respective places in the app dir), I get all belongsTo data associated with Highscores. However, when I run the same MVC files as a plugin, within the plugin dir, these associations are lost.

It seems to me that everythig is in order, but to no avail. I am fairly new to cakePHP so I'm sure it's something stupid. I can't for the life figure it out however.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have referenced:

book.cakephp.org/view/117/Plugin-Models trac.cakephp.org/ticket/3876 aranworld.com/article/143/cakephp-model-associations-from-within-plugin-directories

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Are you setting up your relationships using the PluginName as the prefix in the joined Model's name?

That sounds awkward - example

    class MyModel extends AppModel
        public $name = "MyModel";
        public $belongsTo = array(
            'User' => array(
                'className' => 'SparkPlug.User',
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I ended up using the bindModel method.

    array('belongsTo' => array(
            'User' => array(
                'className' => 'SparkPlug.User'

Not ideal and still unsure why my relationships/associations are getting lost. But this will have to do.

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