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I am trying to deploy a Web Service in JBoss 5 AS, without using the JBossWS which is the Red Hat's implementation of jsr-224. Thus, I am deploying my services in a .war file that already contains the JAX-WS Reference Implementation.

When I try to deploy the service without shipping the JAX-WS RI in my .war, it just deploys without issues just by mapping my services in the web.xml file. However, if I ship the JAX-WS RI .jar in my .war, the server does not deploy the service, and if I try to invoke it, I get a:

Class is not a Servlet

error. How can I deploy a service in JBoss without relying on the JBoss' implementation of jsr-224 but using my own implementation?

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The answer is "yes". But with the info you've given us, that's the best answer I can give you. –  skaffman Oct 18 '10 at 19:34
What else do you need to know? I need to know how can I make my services use a different implementation of JAX-WS to the one shipped with JBoss (JBossWS). Edited: I am using JBoss 6. –  Gonzalo Garcia Lasurtegui Oct 20 '10 at 19:49

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JBossWS supports pluggable WS implementations. There are currenly avaliable Native, CXF or Metro. Implementation can be changed by properly installing chosen flavor of JBossWS. Just adding jars won't help.

JAX-WS RI and Metro are basicly the same thing. So you have to install jbossws-metro.

Istallation guide (slightly outdated but should give the hint):


Version compatibility matrix:


See also Web service works on Tomcat 6 but not on JBoss AS 6.

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