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Is there an existing program that helps forming a JSON Schema?

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What do you want JSON formatted to? Object -> JSON ? – Perpetualcoder Oct 15 '10 at 21:05
I would just like to specify a protocol using JSON. – the_drow Oct 15 '10 at 21:10

There's this great tool to get you started on generating a JSON Schema: . Just feed a sample JSON files and out comes out a JSON Schema that you can then tweak.

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Check this demo one. It is at an early stage but you can already edit jSON documents with a schema constraint as well as design a Schema itself.

And here is an official thread about Schema-based JSON editor:

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You can use Orderly. They have DSL for schema description and you can try it online.

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You could try this one (XML ValidatorBuddy) which is actually an XML editor but it also supports JSON and especially JSON Schema editing. The editor is a Windows desktop application and can do auto-completion and syntax-coloring for JSON schema files. You can also validate your JSON files against JSON schema.

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This isn't exactly something that'll help you with a 'schema', per se, but it's a visual way to navigate and manage JSON data.

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