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I have a rewrite rule that looks like this:

RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule ^$ store [L]

That's the only thing in the .htaccess file.

It's supposed to allow someone to go to http://www.site.com/ and according to the server, they're accessing http://www.site.com/store .

But it's redirecting the user. In other words, you see "/store" in the URL. How do I avoid this?

By the way, there's not a redirect going on within /store/index.php (the index script in the store directory. I know this because I put a die statement in there and the "/store" is in the URL when the script dies on that script.

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For some reason, I changed it from

RewriteRule ^$ store [L]


RewriteRule ^$ /store/ [L]

and it started working

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