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I'm interested in using the Rails 3 AutoComplete plugin for jQuery but the one tutorial provided doesn't match my use case. Hoping for some help...

Plug In:

I have a Permissions Controller where people can add team members.

On the Permissions SHOW view I want to show a autocomplete for user's....

Here's what I did: Added all the required JS in the header, loaded fine

In the permissions controller:

autocomplete :user, :name

In the config.rb:

get 'permission/autocomplete_user_name'

Then in the Permissions SHOW View

<%= form_tag do %>
<%=text_field_tag 'name', '', :autocomplete => permission_autocomplete_user_name_path %>
<% end %>

But nothing happens. No errors, and no jquery autocomplete action or activity in FireBug. Suggestions? Thank you

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i have the same problem – SuperString Jan 23 '11 at 21:29
Did you ever find the answer for this? I have the problem as well. – varatis Feb 22 '12 at 2:30

Edit the config/routes.rb file, and add:

get 'permission/autocomplete_user_name'

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I think you need to make permission in the config.rb file as well as in the show view plural. Try making it permissions

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