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I want to do that in JML:

//@ requires (\forall int i : array[i] < array[i+1])
void calculatesDistances(int[] array){

I couldn't make it work, saw a lot of examples in JML specs, but couldn't find a way how to do it.

So, how can i make it?

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One way is to "guard" against nonsense array values using implication:

  (\forall int i; (i >= 0 && i < array.length-1) ==> (array[i] < array[i+1]))

With the newer syntax for \forall, I believe you could also write:

  (\forall int i; (i >= 0 && i < array.length-1) ; (array[i] < array[i+1]))

where (i >= 0 && i < array.length-1) is the range expression.

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