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im trying to insert data into a particular row in the database, but i mysql is saying this is an error:

INSERT INTO user (rep, course) VALUES('5', 'computer science') WHERE user='2'
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UPDATE user 
   SET rep = '5', course = 'computer science' 
 WHERE user = '2'

Link to docs.

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You might want to UPDATE instead,

UPDATE user set rep='5', course='computer science' WHERE user='2'
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oh my god, i am so stupid, i totally forgot about update, thank god my db admin is not on stackoverflow ::))) cheers nos –  getaway Oct 16 '10 at 0:16

INSERT statement should not come with WHERE clause.

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INSERT statement can not be used with WHERE clause because you are going to insert a new row using INSERT so how could you check any condition over the row which even doesn't exits ?

That's the main reason you can't use WHERE clause with INSERT statement....

use: UPDATE table-name SET column=val WHERE some cont

Command if you need to update existing row....

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