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<TD class="CATRow11" vAlign="middle" noWrap align="left" height="100%">$<span id="MRRP" class="CATRow12">100</span><br /><span id="dnn_ctr412_ProductPage_UnitCost"><span class="CATProductListItem"><span class="CATProductListItem">$2,313.29</span></span></span></TD> 

Hi What I need to do is with JQuery in DNN is change the 100 to a value which is 25% more than the value 2313.29 . Easy to do wiith Jqeury, however I cannot reference the 2313 as I cant get to it, this is a Catalook module so I cannot change the way it renders. Also becuase it is dynamic sometimes that ctr412 is 409 or 410.

At a loss to see what I can do.

Thanks in advance

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var tempSpanVal = $('span.CATProductListItem > span.CATProductListItem').val() * .25;
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