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Simple performance test, I have installed ruby-prof and no other gems are missing,

rake test:profile returns the following error.

the test is simply.

require 'test_helper'
require 'performance_test_help'

# Profiling results for each test method are written to tmp/performance.
class BrowsingTest < ActionController::PerformanceTest

  def test_homepage
    get '/'
  def test_post_show_page
      get '/posts/first-post'

line 18 in environment.rb is simple..

    config.logger =,

here is the custom logger Why is it coughing here?

This is REE 1.8.7 on rails 2.3.5

** Invoke test:profile (first_time)
** Invoke db:test:prepare (first_time)
** Invoke db:abort_if_pending_migrations (first_time)
** Invoke environment (first_time)
** Execute environment
** Execute db:abort_if_pending_migrations
** Execute db:test:prepare
** Invoke db:test:load (first_time)
** Invoke db:test:purge (first_time)
** Invoke environment
** Execute db:test:purge
** Execute db:test:load
** Invoke db:schema:load (first_time)
** Invoke environment
** Execute db:schema:load
** Execute test:profile
/usr/local/bin/ruby -I"lib:test" "/usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/
rake-0.8.7/lib/rake/rake_test_loader.rb" "test/performance/
active_support/dependencies.rb:105:in `const_missing': uninitialized
constant ActiveSupport::BufferedLogger::FileUtils (NameError)
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/activesupport-2.3.5/lib/
active_support/buffered_logger.rb:51:in `initialize'
        from /home/username/Apps/app_name/config/environment.rb:18:in `new'
        from /home/username/Apps/app_name/config/environment.rb:18
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rails-2.3.5/lib/initializer.rb:
111:in `run'
        from /home/username/Apps/app_name/config/environment.rb:10
        from ./test/test_helper.rb:2:in `require'
        from ./test/test_helper.rb:2
        from ./test/performance/browsing_test.rb:1:in `require'
        from ./test/performance/browsing_test.rb:1
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake/
rake_test_loader.rb:5:in `load'
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake/
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake/
rake_test_loader.rb:5:in `each'
        from /usr/local/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/rake-0.8.7/lib/rake/
rake aborted!
Command failed with status (1): [/usr/local/bin/ruby -I"lib:test" "/
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Nevermind, turns out I had to run the profile test with an enviornment variable like..

rake test:profile RAILS_ENV=development

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This is a bad idea. You should always run tests using the test environment. That is what it's for. The error will be related to your CustomerLogger class. –  Sean Jan 15 at 2:26

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