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I want to get the real path of a file in java by using the request method getRealPath()but it is deprecated now i want an alternate to it i tried get servletcontext but it is not returning the whole path

in jsp page when i m using application.getRealPath("/") it is giving whole path as D:/.....

but in java servlet code i m not getting this method working so i want a perfect httprequest method which will be returning whole path of the application.

please suggest me a perfect method with example if possible

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Replacement for deprecation is always documented in the javadocs. In the future, lookup there. In case of ServletRequest#getRealPath() it's literally telling that you have to use ServletContext#getRealPath(). –  BalusC Oct 16 '10 at 12:34

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request.getServletContext().getRealPath(..) (or if you are within a servlet, just call getServletContext().getRealPath(..)

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i am using struts 1 in this i had tried this earlier request.getServletContext is not defined giving error –  krishna Oct 18 '10 at 4:15
what error? (it's called exception) –  Bozho Oct 18 '10 at 5:58

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