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I'm new in JSF and JSF 2.0 i want to redirect in JSF how can i do it? in html i can use tag for do this but in JSF i use h:outputLink or h:commandLink for render user if he is logged , login link not display to him, but if he not logged login link will display to him. and i want redirect link to other page or redirect to other website example google.com how can i do it with JSF? must i use action in h:commandLink? or rel in h:outputLink?

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Either use <h:link> to fire a JSF GET request:

<h:link outcome="page2">

Or add ?faces-redirect=true to the navigation outcome of a JSF POST request:

<h:commandLink action="page2?faces-redirect=true">

Or use <h:outputLink> if you want to pass a "normal" URL in:

<h:outputLink value="page2.jsf">
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Hi Balus thank you, but i have problem with include page, i include menu page into main page and when i click on Register link, it not redirect into register page, can you help me? Thank You ! Best Regards –  Killen Oct 16 '10 at 15:57
The h:link outcome must point to the filename of the page without extension and it must be in the same folder as the main page. –  BalusC Oct 16 '10 at 16:18
i use h:commandLink, but if menu page in one folder and register page in other folder and i include menu page into main page (it outside all of folder) it can be redirect? in my backing bean if return String outcome i must return such as return "../register" ? Thank for your response ! –  Killen Oct 16 '10 at 16:26
UICommand components should go in a h:form. The outcome must just match the page filename. If it's an URL, then you need to define a navigation case in faces-config.xml. You can on the other hand also use h:outputLink. This behaves exactly the same as <a>. –  BalusC Oct 16 '10 at 16:32
Many thank you Balus !! :D –  Killen Oct 16 '10 at 17:00

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