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Currently I am struggling with a very annoying problem, namely when I deploy my .net 2.0 application on Windows XP (without any SP) I am receiving a CreateProcess error with error code 14001. When I looked in the event log, I noticed there is a problem with the syntax of manifest or policy file. I tried to find such file in the deployed folder but there isn't any config or manifest file. My application consists of 3 dlls and 1 exe. All are written in .net 2.0. Additionally I am using SqlCe 3.5 and database sdf file. If you have any hints which could solve the problem please share with me.

aaa... I am logged as Administrator in Windows XP. BR Jarek

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Copy/paste the exact text of the message you found in the Windows event log. –  Hans Passant Oct 16 '10 at 12:39
So, when I start the program I got 3 errors logged in the Event Viewer. 1. [SideBySide EventID 59 - Generate Activation Context ist für C:\Programme\Test\Test.exe fehlgeschlagen.] 2. [ SideBySide EventID 58 - Syntaxfehler in der Manifest- oder Richtliniendatei "C:\Programme\Test\Test.exe" in Zeile 3.] 3. [SideBySide EventID 61 - Syntaxfehler in Manifest- oder Richtliniendatei "C:\Programme\Test\Test.exe" in Zeile 3.] I hope it helps, thanks –  Jarek Oct 17 '10 at 19:54

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sqlce is .net 3.5 (according to this). Loading this into 2.0 might cause this issue.

Use fuslogwv to check assembly loading errors and use reflector to check if all your references are 2.0 assemblies or not

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Hi thanks for the answer. I am still trying to use he fuslogwv. When I have some information I will put them here. Regarding sqlce, the runtime .net framework is .net 2.0. I know this because 1. VS project is 2.0 and I use the sqlce as a reference 2. I double checked it in Reflector. –  Jarek Oct 16 '10 at 10:28

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