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Do you know any book, blog, tutorial which explains in a detailed way the use of some open source projects? Maybe you have written such a tutorial, example of open source libraries, and your final product is great for a beginner to understand it.

I'm in the learning stage of OOP and I really need to learn by examples. I'll like to find some text which explains the use of some open source software/libraries and the good practices. Beign honestly I feel scared to use the open source libraries as I wish/think at this moment. I feel like as I still write procedural code and not OOP.

Do you know such tutorials, links, blogs, stories, pages?

PS: I know C and PHP. I can't say that I know C++ yet, and that's why I need your help.

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Start with one of the most popular Stack Overflow questions.

Then head over to the FLOSS Manuals site for manuals about all sorts of open-source tools.

If you still have questions, use the Stack Overflow search box liberally!


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Many open source projects have their own documentation pages. So if you are willing to use a library or a project you can refer to the documentation. Or else you want to get involved in any open source projects.

Read these things,

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