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Is it possible to append query strings to the links created by the pagination class?

Currently if you are on this page:

the links are incorrectly generated as

where it should be:

I have tried to pass

$config['base_url'] = current_url();

to the Pagination class, but that doesn't work.

Update: I gave up on this and following a post on CI forums, I have build an intermediate controller that takes the $_POST array and builds a query string

$query = 'type:apartment,house&price_low:15000&price_high:60000';

Then redirects to the Browse controller,house&price_low:15000&price_high:60000

and paginated views:,house&price_low:15000&price_high:60000/20,house&price_low:15000&price_high:60000/40
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You will need to customize the Pagination library of Codeigniter to do this.

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