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This example on tcpdf's website shows how to use page formats like A4, A5 etc, but how do I set tcpdf to use custom sizes like 175mm x 266 mm?

Solutions appreciated.

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EDIT : I was just wrong : you can give an array (array($width, $height)) in parameter..

I created a tcpdf subclass where I modified a few things : getPageSizeFromFormat(); Here is the code : http://paste.pocoo.org/show/294958/.

Then I call my custom class, add a new format and set a new format :

//Add a custom size  
$width = 175;  
$height = 266; 
$orientation = ($height>$width) ? 'P' : 'L';  
$pdf->addFormat("custom", $width, $height);  
$pdf->reFormat("custom", $orientation);  
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No editing of the class is require... tcpdf doesn't accept a width/length parameter, it just accepts two lengths and determines which is which using the layout (either Portrait or Landscape)

$pagelayout = array($width, $height; //  or array($height, $width) 
new TCPDF('p', 'pt', $pageLayout, true, 'UTF-8', false);
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Thanks! Helped me alot! – Refilon Oct 30 '14 at 13:10

Onthe newer TCPDF version you can define the page size in multiple ways. All standard page formats are already defined (more than 300 types). You can simply define a page size by defining an array with 2 numbers: width, height (regardless the page orientation). Alternatively you can define advanced page details (MediaBox, Cropbox, BleedBox, TrimBox, ArtBox) as explained on the documentation of setPageFormat() method at http://www.tcpdf.org Check also de default examples n. 28 and 60 at http://www.tcpdf.org

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Thank you...... – abel Oct 2 '11 at 11:35

Go to /config/tcpdf_config.php and around line 117, modify the line:

define ('PDF_PAGE_FORMAT', 'A4');



It is important to put "LETTER" in uppercase, you can see all possible values in this file: tcpdf/include/tcpdf_static.php.

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Edit tcpdf.php and add a new page type or modify an existing type to your page size.

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The above answer won't work for me, so I add my solution here - from http://www.tcpdf.org/examples/example_060.phps, change urx, ury for your purpose

// set page format (read source code documentation for further information)
// MediaBox - width = urx - llx 210 (mm), height = ury - lly = 297 (mm) this is A4
$page_format = array(
    'MediaBox' => array ('llx' => 0, 'lly' => 0, 'urx' => 210, 'ury' => 297),
    //'CropBox' => array ('llx' => 0, 'lly' => 0, 'urx' => 210, 'ury' => 297),
    //'BleedBox' => array ('llx' => 5, 'lly' => 5, 'urx' => 205, 'ury' => 292),
    //'TrimBox' => array ('llx' => 10, 'lly' => 10, 'urx' => 200, 'ury' => 287),
    //'ArtBox' => array ('llx' => 15, 'lly' => 15, 'urx' => 195, 'ury' => 282),
    'Dur' => 3,
    'trans' => array(
        'D' => 1.5,
        'S' => 'Split',
        'Dm' => 'V',
        'M' => 'O'
    'Rotate' => 90,
    'PZ' => 1,

// Check the example n. 29 for viewer preferences

// add first page ---
$pdf->AddPage('P', $page_format, false, false);
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