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i am trying to do this script: PY WYSIWYG

and it says i need gtk and webkit. i think i got the right stuff is this what i need:

so i downloaded the webkit but i got a folder but installer or install information do i move it into the python folder or what do i do Thanks

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You need PyGTK, here is a link to the download page with install instructions for Windows: http://www.pygtk.org/downloads.html

You also need the Python bindings for Webkit, not just Webkit itself. Here is a link to an unofficial Windows binary, with install instructions, and a link to an unofficial Webkit runtime for Windows near the bottom too: http://opensourcepack.blogspot.com/2009/12/pywebkitgtk-windows-binary.html

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There is automated installer of (mostly) GTK libraries Python. It should have dependencies solved. It is unofficial. It contains webkit. I found it because I wanted webkit installer for Python.

I tried it and it worked like charm.

List of all plugins contained inside of it:

  • PyGTK 2.17.0 with numpy support
  • PyGobject 2.21.5
  • PyCairo 1.8.10
  • PyGtkspell, PyGTKhtml2, PyGDL 2.25.3
  • PyGDA 2.29.1
  • PyGST (Python Gstreamer) 0.10.20
  • PyWebkitGTK 1.18
  • PyClutter 1.3.2 with gst and gtk binding
  • PyGTKGlExt 1.1.0
  • PyGoocanvas 0.14.1
  • PyGTKSourceview 2.10.0
  • PyGTKImageview 1.2.0
  • PyRSVG 2.30
  • PyScintilla 1.99
  • PMing 4.4
  • Python Poppler 0.12 GPL
  • VIPSCC 7.24

PS: I actually had problem with other tutorial on webgui in Python mentioned here, then I found this page and Your tutorial worked. Thanks. :)

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+1 Nice one, all collection was centralized. –  YumYumYum Jun 26 '12 at 21:05
Antivir found a virus in that installer: TR/Diple.aipm.2 some glade.exe –  mojomajor Oct 3 '12 at 11:29

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