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I guess I'm pushing the boundaries of whats capable with LINQ to XML but I'd like to select a group of elements that contain values that match a value contained in another element node.

In the XML below I want to select only the "Option" elements that contain values that are also contained in the AvailableOptions" element for a specific product ID.

Something like the following pseudo-code:

Select All Options where Option Name is in (Select AvailableOptions Where ProductID = "xxx")

<Agent ID="1">
        <Product ID="xxx">
        <Product ID="yyy">
        <Product ID="zzz">

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This is my attempt, a little lengthy though. Hope it helps.

var query = from agent in agents.Descendants("Agent")
            from products in agent.Descendants("Products")
            from product in products.Descendants("Product")
            where product.Attribute("ID").Value == "xxx"
            from options in agent.Descendants("Options")
            from option in options.Descendants("Option")
            where product.Element("AvaiableOptions").Value.Contains(option.Element("Name").Value)
            select option;
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Yep, thats done it. Thanks. I just couldnt get my head round how to structure a query like that. –  FloatLeft Oct 16 '10 at 17:49

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