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I would like to use sprites to display my icons. I created image and CSS, now I need to add class to my html element. What is the best HTML element for that?

<div> works fine, but of course it spans across entire space and wraps. works only if I put something in it. Here's my CSS

.sprite {
    background-position:0 -104px;
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My opinion is that it doesn't matter. Whatever tags are suitable for the rest of your content.

  • <ul><li></li></ul> structures are very flexible for layout.
  • <div> and <span>of course.
  • I often find myself using sprites for buttons in links.

You'll probably want to use display: block or display: inline-block for most of the elements where you put your sprites, and remember that you can set that for all elements.

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I need to debug why my span is not showing... It works fine on test page but not on the live one, so I ended up using <div> with style="float:left". Now, when I used image I often used align="absmiddle" to align the text following the image to the center of the image. How do i do this with <span> or <div> if I use sprites? – santa Oct 16 '10 at 16:06

It depends on context. Try to choose the element which best represents the semantics of the data, not on how it will be displayed; that's what CSS is for.

Are you displaying a list of icons? Use a <ul> and put your sprites in its <li> elements.

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You could use <span> tags and set it's display to inline-block with defined height and width.

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I believe inline-block is not supported in IE7 and IE6 – Šime Vidas Oct 16 '10 at 15:56

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