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I design a HTML5 canvas effects homepage on my site http://catfan.me

You can click the sky and add a cloud, and It`s able to show the fps.

It runs perfect on HTML5 supported browser, such as Chrome, FireFox, Safari, IE9..

But i do not know if it run on iPhone, iPad or Android mobile phone. I didn`t have this devices.

Can anyone to help me to test? Or is there any way to test the HTML5 effects running on iPad? Such as iOS or Android Emulator?

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Kitten doesn't like your clouds... unlimited FPS makes kitten unhappy... kitten is going to throw that hawt CPU after you! Seriously, please limit the FPS, using 60% of my CPU isn't fun, imagine every website would do that... –  Ivo Wetzel Oct 16 '10 at 16:12
I agree with "Kitten", I suggest you use setTimeout with a delay above 10ms (e.g. 33ms :- 30fps max). –  andrewmu Oct 19 '10 at 11:08

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This is not a programming related question... anyway, just tested on iPhone and Android: it didn't work for both. If you want to test by your self, just install the android emulator.

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There are various iPhone and Android emulators available if you google, but I prefer the ones that come with XCode for iPhone/Mac and the official SDK for android.

If you don't have access to a mac you can emulate iphone support pretty good through Safari for Windows.

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I tried it with dolphin browser HD and the clouds moved around and more popped up when I clicked them.

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Both Android (2.0+) and iOS4 supports HTML5 in some way or another, so your page will probably be displayed correctly though it might be a little laggy. You may want to let W3C finish their work on HTML5 before implementing it on your website, if you want it to run perfectly on all devices.

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I know it's too late to reply. But I was wondering the same thing so I tried it on my Android 2.1 and it worked. When I touched a cloud and it's split into 2 of them and displayed the corresponding message. This might be a good example: html5 canvas would be way to go rather than SVG or Silverlight Graphics.

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