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I am currently not one but do perform the duties of one. Getting certified will help me(?) get in as a Project Manager in my next job or be considered seriously within the same organization. I now hear more names than just PMP or CAPM for project management certifications. Which do you think has the most market value and which will actually help me best in performing as a PM?

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The only cert I've ever seen asked for is PMP.

The whole thing's a farce, if you ask me. I've worked with PMP-certified project managers that couldn't organize a project such that NASA astronauts could successfully carry it out, and, conversely, I've worked with non-certified PM's that could probably create their own test that would be better than the current certifications.

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PMP is certainly popular where I work.

Its efficacy in making you "effective" as a PM is another matter.

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go to the most popular job search site in your region (in australia, its SEEK).

do a search for project management jobs and see what employers are requesting most (here, its PRINCE2, more british where-as PMP is more US).

i also agree that it is a bit of a fad, but a good fad (if such a thing is possible). consider that the current incarnation of PRINCE2 has been around for over a decade, and companies are just starting to insist on it now?

i say its a good thing because it genuinely does tell you how to run a project properly. the other good thing is it means we (i.e. project managers) start using the same language/terminology.

-- LM

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I do not think that a certification will make you any better in performing as a project manager. That is not to say that the PM certifications are not without value. They give you exposure to the type of knowledge that you need to be able to apply.

The CAPM is more of an entry-level exam, while the PMP is definitely for more seasoned project management types. I would recommend taking both, though. Start with the CAPM, get some experience to meet the prerequisites of the PMP, and then take that one.

Just make sure to really learn the material - not for passing the exam, but for applying it to what you do.

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In my experience, "project management" can be replaced with "common sense" and there wouldn't be any difference. People who need to be TAUGHT project management probably shouldn't be project managers, IMO. –  Robert C. Barth Dec 27 '08 at 20:58

a.PMP b.PRINCE2 c.Know agile process (SCRUm & XP) d.ITIL Foundation

I did a & B. Started knowing c. Preparing for d.

I found PRINCE2 very useful for PM.


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