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So, I have a little problem here.

Suppose I have:

public class Repository<TEntity>
    where TEntity : class
    public abstract void Add(TEntity entity);

    // ...and so on...

And now I want to define a contract class, like so:

public class RepositoryContracts<TEntity> : Repository<TEntity>
    where TEntity : class
    public void Add(TEntity entity)
        Contract.Requires(entity != null);

    // ...etc...

Now, I'd have to mark these classes with ContractClassAttribute and ContractClassForAttribute. Problem being, this won't work:

[ContractClassFor(typeof(Repository<TEntity>))] // what is TEntity?! error!

So, the question boils down to: How do I link these two classes together using those attributes, when they're generic?

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marked as duplicate by Steve, Ram kiran, rcdmk, Sudarshan, Steven Penny Feb 11 '13 at 5:20

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Turns out this is a duplicate of this question, kinda.

The typeof(Repository<>) syntax didn't seem to work for me, but turns out, typeof(Repository<,>) does the trick, since there are two type parameters.

Closing the question, and adding a comment to the previous one.

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