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I'd like to generate a classpath file from pom.xml dependencies. I need it so during tests I have the classpath of all dependencies (that are later packaged into a bundle)

maven-dependency-plugin does not suit me for two reasons:

  • it generates paths to files in the repository, so to use other modules they first need to run install phase for them (I'd like to have paths like /some/root/othermodule/target/classes)
  • it doesn't include the artifact's own path (target/classes), which means I need to add it later in code, which is awkward

So I'm looking for another plugin (or how to properly run maven-dependency-plugin)

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The classpath for the test's is automatically generated. So where is the particular problem? Or are you talking about an kind of integration test instead of a unit test ? (Multimodule build?) – khmarbaise Oct 17 '10 at 12:37
In one component I'm creating a ClassLoader for another. In production, the classpath is lib/*, but in testing I don't want to go through packaging – IttayD Oct 17 '10 at 13:19
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I ended up using GMaven:

                            def all = project.runtimeArtifacts.collect{
                                def aid = "${it.groupId}:${it.artifactId}:${it.version}"
                                def p = project.projectReferences[aid]
                                p?.build?.outputDirectory ?: it.file.path
                            } +
                            def file = new File(, ".classpath")

The code is a bit complex since I wanted paths to target/classes when possible. If this is not required, one can do :

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