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I have created a Eclipse plug in to printout the object in selection on press of a short cut key. I have been able to do this ,but i also would like to add the current method and current class name in the log. I am not sure how to proceede further. I tried to search for breadcrumb API but i was not able to reference the package from my project. I am quite new to plugin developement could someone guide me as to how to achive my goal. Thanks in advance.

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It really hard to get that stuff from Breadcrumb, you would have to use reflection to get it.

Here is the code to get current method from editor.

ITextEditor editor = (ITextEditor) PlatformUI.getWorkbench()

ITextSelection selection = (ITextSelection) editor

IEditorInput editorInput = editor.getEditorInput();
IJavaElement elem = JavaUI.getEditorInputJavaElement(editorInput);
if (elem instanceof ICompilationUnit) {
    ICompilationUnit unit = (ICompilationUnit) elem;
    IJavaElement selected = unit.getElementAt(selection.getOffset());

    System.out.println("selected=" + selected);
    System.out.println("selected.class=" + selected.getClass());
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Hi Thanks a lot for the answer. It helped me a lot. I would appreciate if you could share some links where in i can learn more of these. –  Ravisha Oct 19 '10 at 3:49

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