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I'm very interested in the Facebooks php extension xhp (http://github.com/facebook/xhp/wiki), but I didn't use it so far.

I was wondering if anyone can share personal experience with xhp and point me into direction where I can find tutorials about it (wiki on github is very poor).

Thanks everyone.

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Here you go :)

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Thank you my friend, this is very helpful :) –  Mujo Osmanovic Dec 23 '10 at 10:08

php.net provides a pretty good all-around tutorial on compiling PECL-style extensions. This is how you'll install xhp.

In my experience, it's really a joy to use. And the safety net that is XHP's automatic, context-aware escaping is a real aspirin-saver.

That said, you can incur pretty hefty penalties for using XHP. Personally, I wouldn't touch it without APC or the like installed. See Lerdorf's anecdote on the topic of performance.

Overall, if you have the time, I'd definitely recommend trying it out. Only data will tell you if it's right for your site, though. And, as always, Google is your friend.

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Thanks man, I didn't put much effort in trying xhp, but it is still very interesting stuff. Definitely I will give it a try. Thanks –  Mujo Osmanovic Dec 23 '10 at 10:08

Here is some good information on XHP by a Facebook Engineer.

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