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That shows:

  1. page execution time duration
  2. query string and form parameters
  3. SQL activity

For a behind the scenes look at page execution?

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possible duplicate of Does PHP have built-in debugging logging like Ruby on Rails logger.info() to a development.log file? - I think those two should be merged, since this one is just a refined version of the other one. –  Gordon Oct 17 '10 at 14:23

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You cannot compare RoR with php (framework vs language?). You can compare Ruby with php. And you can compare RoR with Symfony. And yes, symfony provides you with a debug toolbar with the 3 things you mentioned and more... So does Magento

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Page execution time can come from Apache's access_log (as will GET request parameters), but there's no automatic logging for POST data or SQL queries.

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I am not sure about built-in solution but here is nice profiler:

alt text

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