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Hey! Im looking for an OpenGL library/framework to handle basic drawing code etc for me. Otherwise im also looking for some NDK and OpenGL ES tutorials, I cant seem to find anything out there!

Any information would be helpful cheers.


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If you have downloaded the NDK from Android site, you must have some sample code:
For eg:, when you unzipped the NDK, you have a sample here:

That's a great example for OpenGL ES.

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The best option is to start with the official Android NDK itself (http://developer.android.com/sdk/ndk/index.html). It contains a bunch of OpenGL ES demos.

If you find them too simplistic you have to check out open-source rendering frameworks.

I'm one of the developers of open source Linderdaum Engine (http://www.linderdaum.com) project. It contains a portable renderer based on OpenGL 3 and OpenGL ES 2 that runs on Windows, Android and partially MacOS. The demos contains both simple examples and a couple of complete games from Android Market.

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Checkout the NeHe Android Ports. They're in Java, but should help you find your way. And the original NeHe tutorials are a useful reference too.

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