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I want that when i will pass the utube url to media player it will automatically load the video and play in it. Example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAG8e_53le4 This type of url i want to play in android media player

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Don't be lazy dude... you can write youtube –  Cristian Oct 17 '10 at 15:57

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If you want to play YouTube video in VideoView, you need rtsp url from youtube. You can get the rtsp from Youtube Gdata feed. Although I find it quite strange that sometime the rtsp isn't available in the feed.

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This works for me. It starts when the activity is created.

progressDialog = ProgressDialog.show(StevenBActivity.this, "", "Buffering video...", true);

                 //video "DON'T DO IT" 1,315 views
     video_url = "rtsp://v2.cache4.c.youtube.com/CjgLENy73wIaLwlPMIWk2hSzNRMYJCAkFEIJbXYtZ29vZ2xlSARSB3Jlc3VsdHNg6KnB9MbH8sVODA==/0/0/0/video.3gp";
        try {
                final VideoView videoView =(VideoView)findViewById(R.id.videoView1);
                mediaController = new MediaController(StevenBActivity.this);
                // Set video link (mp4 format )
                Uri video = Uri.parse(video_url);

                videoView.setOnPreparedListener(new OnPreparedListener() {

                    public void onPrepared(MediaPlayer mp) {

             }catch(Exception e){
                 System.out.println("Video Play Error :"+e.getMessage());

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