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I have a DB2 table with column "comments" that I would like to allow a user to have update access to, without giving them update access to the whole table.

I suspect that the answer will involve a view. However, in order to make the view relevant, won't I need to expose the primary key to the view? Won't the user then be able to update the primary key, as well as the "comments" column?

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You can limit the scope of UPDATE access by specifying a list of columns.

GRANT UPDATE(comments)
ON TABLE my_table
TO USER some_user;

Grant table, view, or nickname privileges statement

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Thank you, Leons! I was unaware that DB2 allowed column-level security like that and must have overlooked it that first time I scanned the manual. I see it now! Thank you very much! –  NeutralAngel Oct 18 '10 at 19:29

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