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I am trying to get the below code to work, but with no luck;

bool success = Sitecore.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationManager.Login(UserName.Text, Password.Text);
if (success)
    string path = Request.QueryString["path"];   
    Sitecore.Web.WebUtil.Redirect(String.IsNullOrEmpty(path) ? "/" : path);

success is always false, eventhough i know that the entered username and password is correct and created on the extranet domain.

What am i missing?

(It's a Sitecore 6.2)

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I'd guess that the LoginManager needs the full username including the domain. So try:

bool success = Sitecore.Security.Authentication.AuthenticationManager.Login(
   "extranet\\" + UserName.Text, Password.Text);
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I'll add my comment here instead: To login a Sitecore user, the domain must be "sitecore\" – Holger Nov 3 '11 at 14:24

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