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I'm using Axis2 1.5.2 and Eclipse. I'm using Eclipse to generate the WSDL and client code from generated WSDL.

I created a custom exception that my service can throw. Everything looks ok when creating the webservice. The webservice starts successfully and I can view the generated WSDL by pointing my web browser. But when I tell Eclipse to generate the Client code using the generated WSDL I get this error from Eclipse:

Error in generating Java from WSDL: ERROR: Missing <soap:fault> element inFault "InsertUserException" in operation "InsertUserException", in binding insertUser ERROR: Missing <soap:fault> element inFault "InsertUserException" in operation "InsertUserException", in binding insertUser
    at org.apache.axis.wsdl.symbolTable.SymbolTable.faultsFromSOAPFault(

My custom exception is "InsertUserException":

public class InsertUserException extends Exception{
  private String errorCode;

  public InsertUserException(String errorCode){.....}
  public String getErrorCode(){...}
  public void setErrorCode(String errorCode){...}


My service action that clients can call is "insertUser":

public void insertUser() throws  InsertUserException{

Any help is appreciated.

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Axis2 doesn't know how to send Exceptions over the wire unless they are AxisFaults.

Here's a link to an article on how to use AxisFault with custom exception information.

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I thought Axis2 would somehow do the conversion but this solution works for me. Thanks. – Marquinio Oct 18 '10 at 19:38

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