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How do I obtain a reference to the current element in the iteration?


I hope I am just overlooking the obvious.

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According to the spec's changelog, the implicit iterator (.) was added in v1.1.0 of the spec. Every Mustache library that implements at least v1.1.0 should support this.

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Note: Arrays must have implicit keys for this to work. Using this method when your array has indexes will result in one instance of the word Array being outputted. – Popnoodles Jan 6 '13 at 8:56

From the source code

 * The {{%IMPLICIT-ITERATOR}} pragma allows access to non-associative array data in an
 * iterable section:
 *     $context = array('items' => array('foo', 'bar', 'baz'));
 * With this template:
 *     {{%IMPLICIT-ITERATOR}}{{#items}}{{.}}{{/items}}
 * Would render as `foobarbaz`.
 * {{%IMPLICIT-ITERATOR}} accepts an optional 'iterator' argument which allows implicit
 * iterator tags other than {{.}} ...
 *     {{%IMPLICIT-ITERATOR iterator=i}}{{#items}}{{i}}{{/items}}
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I walked away from my code for a bit and remembered that Ruby is duck typed. Since my array was of strings, all I needed was:


I'll leave this question here in the hopes to save somebody else some time.

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