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I am using Spring Security 3.0 with JSPs. I have created a RequireVerificationFilter that redirects unverified users to a "verify your email" page.

I added the filter to the spring security filter stack in last place like so:

Bean definition in my app-config.xml:

<bean id="requireVerificationFilter" class="com.ebisent.web.RequireVerificationFilter" />

Filter added to spring security filter list in my security-config.xml:

<custom-filter ref="requireVerificationFilter" after="LAST" />

The filter works, but it filters its own redirect URL. That is, the filter redirects unverified users to /access/verify, but that URL is also caught by the filter, which attempts the redirect ad infinitum.

I tried using the <filter-mapping> tag to restrict the URLs this new filter applies to, but that does not seem to work the way I thought it would. Here is the web.xml entry I added anyway:


I read through "Adding in Your Own Filters" in the spring security documention, but did not find an answer.

My question is, How can I specify which URLs my filter applies to?


I got this working by specifying the URL to allow within the filter itself. This works fine for me, but if there is a better/more "springy" way to do it, I would be glad to hear it.

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You have to do this inside the actual configuration xml (same place you have the <custom-filter ref="requireVerificationFilter" after="LAST" /> .

<http ...>
   <intercept-url pattern="/access" ... filters="..., requireVerificationFilter, ..." />
   <intercept-url pattern="/verify" ... filters="none" />

Something along those lines, you can specify a list of the filters you want to run and exclude those you don't (and "none" means none). You should not need to add tyour filter to the web.xml - only inline with the Spring Security filter chain.

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Thank you! I have intercept-url tags in my security config, but I didn't know you could specify filters there. –  outis Oct 18 '10 at 16:21
But Spring Security Reference Documentation says that : filters attribute "Can only take the value “none”". –  btpka3 Jul 10 '13 at 2:55
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