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I’m programing a desktop application to communicate with a stethoscope using Bluetooth. Initially I would like to use OBEX, but I’m verify the services available, using the code in this page:

I got the following result:

*Starting device inquiry...
Device Inquiry Completed. 
Bluetooth Devices: 
1. 002484006FFB (M3200 0010030000286675         )
Choose the device to search for Obex Push service : 1
Searching for service...
Device does not support Object Push.
BlueCove stack shutdown completed* 

Someone know what alternative to OBEX I have to transfer a file, from a stethoscope to a desktop application?

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You need to ask the manufacture how the stethoscope behaves. What profile does it use and does it act as client or server. If it uses OBEX, I might be that it's a client and thus it sends to a OBEX server device in range, perhaps with a particalur device name or ServiceName...

LATER, from the documentation (product pages and 3200 User Manual) that seems to be the case. Pair the stethoscope to a PC device, run the software there, and the stethoscope connects to it. Also seems a bit like it might not be OBEX given the real-time aspects possible...

If you have the software app for the PC, do a SDP query for all records on the PC without and with the software running and see what service the app is using...

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it might support SPP (Serial port profile). Not sure what you are trying to do, because the application on the stethoscope might not talk to your application , unless you know the appreciation level communication details. hope it helps

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