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In the MATLAB documentation for a particular type of plot (i.e. trisurf), it shows how to add properties, but does not give a list of what properties are applicable. Is there a way to find which properties and values are available for a particular plot type?

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Is get(gcf) what you are looking for? – Alejandro Oct 17 '10 at 22:55
@Alejandro: That will give a list of figure properties, not properties for a plot object. – gnovice Oct 18 '10 at 4:30
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h = trisurf(...);

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In addition try Property Inspector: inspect(h).

Notice, if you plot multiple lines with plot you will get handle for each line. To open the inspector you will have to pass individual handle.

h = plot(magic(5));

There is also a great alternative to inspect - UIINSPECT. Download it from the File Exchange.

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@Oli Charlesworth and @yuk have made good suggestions as to how you can access the properties for a given plot handle.

If you also want to know what these properties actually do, you should look at the help. Normally, like for plot, there is a direct link to the full list of properties available with explanation. Surprisingly, this is not the case for trisurf, as you mentioned. However, the documentation does indicate that trisurf creates a patch object. This means that trisurf has all the patch properties that you can find explained here.

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