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I recently noticed that I had a big hole in my application because I had done something like:

<input type="text" value="<%= value%>" />

I know that I should have used Html.Encode, but is there any way to do that for all values, without having to do it explicitly?

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There's a few ways:

  • Use the <%: %> syntax in ASP.NET MVC2 / .NET 4.0. (Which is just syntactic sugar for Html.Encode())
  • Follow the directions laid out by Phil Haack where it details using the Anti-XSS library as the 'default' encoding engine for ASP.NET.
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Watch this video from Scott Hanselman and Phil Haack. They cover XSS, CSRF, JSON Hijacking specifically with ASP.Net MVC.

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good url reference.. really useful. –  saravanan Aug 8 '11 at 6:27

In ASP.Net 4.0 or later, always use <%: ... %> instead of <%= ... %> ... it does the HTML encoding for you.

Scott Gu's explanation.

Having done that, it's fairly straightforward to grep your code for <%= regularly as a security precaution.

Also, are you using the Microsoft Anti-XSS library?

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We answered within three seconds of each other. Hello, Newman. –  George Stocker Jul 8 '10 at 19:34

Syntax for HTML encoding

  1. <%: model.something %> syntax in WebForms

  2. It is automatic in Razor i.e. @model.something will auto encode automatically no need to do anything to encode.

  3. MVC3 HTML Helper methods return the encoded string automatically. e.g. Html.Label will return the encoded string

More about cross site scripting


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